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TS Microweigh

New developments in weigh technology offers the latest in control technology from the originators of the Microweigh.

The Microweigh TS is the most advanced system available to control the fibre from a weigh hopper to provide an accurate and uniform material feed into the subsequent machinery.

Automatic weighing and dispensing of fibre. Compensation provided by either Drop Distance Correction or Feedroller Speed Correction

Reactive fill cycle - The system automatically controls the spiked lattice speed relative to the active weight in the pan, slowing down as the weight reaches its trickle speed setting, thereby achieving absolute control and accuracy of the target weight

Multi Drop capability

The system has been supplied to all the major yarn spinners worldwide, helping them to achieve product quality by delivering a feed accuracy of less than 0.5% deviation in g/m feed rate.


New Control and Logical components
High Speed Communication Protocols
TFT Graphic Display with all settings and adjustments
Animated Cycle Status Graphics & Real Time Event Logging
Graphical Production Information (GPI)
Live Engineering Diagnostics
Remote Internet Diagnostic Support and Service
On screen help assistant
Programme Upgrades by Compact Flash Insertion
Complete Networking capability
Energy efficient drives
Industry Standard Protocols


- Ensures uniform fibre weight into the machine even with large variation in fibre density
- Intelligent Drive system
- Simple operation and set up
- Memory to record processing data
- Improved web regularity and consequently product quality
- Fibre savings by operating at minimum weight required
- System constantly enhanced so that new affordable & innovative options can be integrated

Applications include

The Microweigh TS is a cost effective system designed to achieve the ultimate in feed regularity in the following areas:

Blending systems
Carding machines
Scouring lines
Speciality fibre processing

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