TS Drive Control

TS Drive Control

When a UK client needed to replace their ageing DC Motor controls and un - supported software from the original OE manufacturer of their 3000mm wide nonwoven card they looked to Tatham to for new AC geared motor solution.

Tatham are market leaders in retrofitting carding machine drives and controls.

The contract included:

Hopper motors

New TS Microfeed (includes silo/hopper controls)

Main Drive - 1 - 25Kw AC controller

Worker Drive - 1 - 2.2kw AC controller

Doffer Drive - 2 - 4Kw AC controller

Waste Fan - 2 - 0.75 Kw Dol starter c/w Mcb

New interlocks for guards

All above machinery drives are fitted with

  • DTC Inverter
  • EMC/RFI Filter, Cat C3, 2nd Env, Earthed Network E200
  • ACS-CP-U Control panel in the unit
  • Controls - TS control technology

Fully synchronised speed control facility even at low speeds - Excellent motor control alogorithm provides precise torque performance and speed regulation, offering complete synchronization without any feed back devices.


High functionality PLC
Simple program upload via SD Card
Easily expandable


TFT Colour touchscreen incorporating all the necessary speed adjustments and speed indicators

Line start/stop/E-stop/Re-set pushbutton mounted on desk

Complete Fault Diagnostic System including the ability to display information between the drives complete with adjustment and warning facility. System password protected

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