Web Formation

Staple fibres are prepared for fibre bonding with two key web forming technologies

Carding and Airlay

Tatham manufactures and supplies carding machinery in widths from 300mm to 3500mm for nonwoven and woollen systems, together with strategic partners a range of Airlay machines is also available.

Nonwoven cards can be supplied with a high capacity hopper feeder complete with chute delivery and TS Microfeed weight control. The specification of the carding machine depends on the fibre and required production capacity.  We can offer a complete range of card configurations with single or double doffer, randomizing rollers, doffing options (comb or roller take-off).  Many of these options can be retrofitted to any existing carding machines 

Crosslappers are manufactured to suit the speed and production requirements of the line.

Woollen carding for carpet yarns, apparel and Shetland, lambswool and cashmere. For woollen cards we manufacture new free-standing creels, intermediate feed arrangements (centre-draw & cross-feed), tape rollers and TS weight control & drive systems.

For second-hand and refurbished carding machines Tatham are specialist in providing cost effective solutions.  Including full refurbishment and the application of new drive and weight control technology.

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